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Botox, Dysport
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Botox, Dysport
Injections of Botox and Dysport in Dnepropetrovsk. Botox Dnipropetrovsk.
Инъекции препаратами ботокс и диспорт в Днепропетровске. Ботокс Днепропетровск. Injections of Botox and Dysport in Dnepropetrovsk.

Botulinum toxin drugs - drugs that block neuromuscular peredachu.V currently used drugs under the brand names - Botox (Botox), Dysport (Dysport), Kseomin (Xeomin), Lantoks (Lantox).

Botulinum toxin - a protein complex produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum, is composed of neurotoxin type A and other proteins.

The injection of Botox into the skin it causes a temporary paralysis of the muscles. As a result of limited facial expressions, for example, lost the habit knit brow. Accordingly, the less natural facial movements, the less wrinkles.

The main target of Botox injections (Botox), as well as Dysport injections (Dysport) - wrinkles. They may appear in 18 years - just because you are in the sun schurites, frowning at work or frowning when laughing.

Effect of Botox and Dysport

As a result of the injection of botulinum toxin are making steady and smooth, even deep wrinkles by relaxing overactive muscles involved in their formation, by blocking the signals between the muscles and motor nerves. Under the action of botulinum neurotoxin comes weakening of motor activity of the muscles. Shallow and deep wrinkles, and skin becomes smoother.

For injection uses thin needles through which drug is injected into the muscle. For pain treatments use local anesthetics, which are pre-applied to the skin. The drug takes effect after an average of 7-14 days. Effect of the drug lasts for 2 to 8 months, and then to resume the effect will have to repeat the procedure. With regular carrying out of procedures supported by the muscles relaxed, wrinkles any depth or form new ones.

Prices for Botox and Dysport injections in Dnepropetrovsk.
Dysport injections
one injection
17 грн
680 - 748 грн
The upper zone of the forehead
510 - 680 грн
Eyebrows and upper forehead area
1360 грн


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